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Centennial Place Grand Opening
News & Events 

Bayou Cane helps Address Housing Needs

Bayou Cane Groundbreaking

1770 Tchoupitoulas Wins a "Timmy" Award

Affordable Housing Finance: Housing and Food Meet in New Orleans

1770 Tchoupitoulas Grand Opening

The Times Picayune: Groves Housing Community gets a new herb garden: Covington Town Talk

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Enterprise Community Partners: 1770 Tchoupitoulas Project Summary

In New Orleans’ Lower Garden District, a new redevelopment project is underway that will result in 52 apartments, a commercial kitchen that will prepare fresh and healthy meals...


OneWeb News: Bringing Color Back to New Orleans

November 26, 2012

Glidden Professional Paint Centers teams up with RNDC, Volunteers of America, Home Works of America and local churches and community members to paint homes as part of RNDC's continuing West 30s Revitalization Plan...


Covington City Council Approves Annexation of the Groves!

The Covington City Council has voted to annex a mixed-income housing complex on the edge of the West 30s neighborhood, a years-old project turned contentious in the run-up to the spring mayoral election...

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The Groves Holds Grand Opening in Covington

Representatives from the Louisiana Office of Community Development – Disaster Recovery Unit joined with local officials and representatives from Renaissance Neighborhood Development Corporation...

June 29, 2011

The first tenants will begin moving into the Groves at Mile Branch this weekend, and executives with the Covington-area development say they...

Elysian Courtyards of Gentilly

March 23, 2012

Listen to the Grand Opening Speaches of Elysian Courtyards of Gentilly (formerly Chateau Carre) - features one and two bedroom apartments and is open for leasing. 

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Affordable Housing Finance: Seniors Finalists

Built by Volunteers of America (VOA), the 200-unit development is one of a small number of affordable housing communities funded by Gulf Opportunity (GO) Zone housing tax credits that has finished construction and opened its doors...

March 26, 2010

Times-Picayune : Tulane Avenue Renaissance

January 13, 2009

Just up the road from the criminal courthouse, that formidable, neoclassical facade that seems to define Tulane Avenue, developers are erecting another landmark building that seems… 

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